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Good Vibes

Sound Healing in Hawaii
with Erika Marie McClane

Singing bowl symbolising sound healing in Hawaii.

Welcome to Good Vibes

Become more engaged with your life energy and balance. Feel the harmony within yourself and the universal life force that flows through and surrounds each one of us. Learn to tune in to your own truth and power.

It will change your life!

Hawaii ocean waves symbolizing energetic healing.
Waterfall and jungle in Hawaii.
Lava on Big Island of Hawaii.
Hands with light symbolizing reiki healing in Hawaii.

Over the summer, I took several energy healing sessions.  The Reiki and Tibetan bowl sound sessions allowed me to connect to my inner self.  I felt a great sense of relaxation and wellness. I have since become a true believer of energy healing as it has empowered me to live a healthier and happier life.  I look forward to future treatments.  Thank you Erika for your professionalism and healing touch.

Juanis, San Diego, CA

New pohoiki beach on Big Island Hawaii.

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