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Reiki Card Reading for the Week

Weekly Reiki Card Reading


Reiki Cards for the week of October 19th


Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

Ask yourself, "What do I need to know for this week?"

Then, choose whichever card you are attracted to, #1, #2, or #3.

The Reiki message will be revealed here every Monday morning at 10 am Hawaiian Time.

I interpret all the cards I pull intuitively. I do not rely on a booklet for the messages.

I'd love to hear your feedback on the reading.

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1 – Heart Shine

This week, your heart will be radiating out lots of love energy. Make sure you give yourself a big dose of self-love first, though, before you send out your rays of love into the world. Think about your relationship with yourself. Do you treat yourself like your own best friend? Are you patient, kind, and supportive of yourself like you would be if you were interacting with your best friend? Find that place of loving kindness in your heart for yourself. When your cup is full of self-kindness and compassion, you are better able to share the love with those around you. Be sure to set healthy boundaries, though. Remember, we can’t pour from an empty cup. 


2 – Self-Forgiveness

This week, take time to reflect on past experiences that you may feel guilt or shame about. You might want meditate on this and write down what comes to you. We all have our shadow selves that we need to deal with. It doesn’t help to stuff them down inside and hide them. It’s healthy to process our negative feelings. When you have identified what it its that you feel remorseful for, do a visualization in which you raise your vibration to your higher self (18-24 inches above your crown). Then, see yourself sitting opposite your old self from back when the experience happened. Find compassion in your heart for your old self who was just trying to do the best he/she could at the time. Send your old self compassion and forgiveness, and sever the ties that have bound you. Let your old self go, and see how much lighter you feel afterwards.


3 – Insight

This week, you will have the opportunity to view a situation that has been causing you a lot of anxiety from a new perspective. It’ll be like the shattering of an illusion that was stuck in your mind for quite some time. You will see it for what it really is. If you tap into your intuitive abilities, you will gain more insight into the circumstances surrounding the issue. Do a third-eye meditation, focusing on the point between your brows to strengthen your intuitive skills. Visualize a bright point of light (star, full moon, sun, white flower) about 18 inches in front of your third eye. When you have gained a broader overview of the situation, you will be able to approach the decision-making process with more ease, knowing that you are following your inner guidance you’re your heart and gut. 


"Very fitting for me."  — U.M., WA

"Thank you! Exactly what I needed to affirm." — C.H., CA

"The cards have been very appropriate." — K.O., HI

This reading was totally on for me!!!! Thank you! —S.S., HI

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