Reiki Healing

In-person or long distance.

1 hour

Reiki Card Reading

20-minute reading by phone or in-person. Send e-mail request for appointment.

Akashic Records Reading

In-Person or long distance.

40 minutes.

Reiki Package

In-person or long distance.
4 sessions, 1 hour each.

Reiki for Pets

In-person or long-distance.
40 minute session. 

Charged Crystals

Cleansed, charged and programmed with Reiki energy.
Price is per crystal. 

Group Reiki

Long distance healing session. Price is for 6 or more participants. 1 hour

Sound Healing

In-person. Individual sound healing with Tibetan Bowls.
75 minutes.


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Sound Healing and Reiki in Hawaii.