In my meditation, I was looking out a window from inside a room, and I heard the words, "Window to the world." I understand this message to mean we all have a window to the world; it's just our perception of what's out there that's different.

What do we see when we look out our window? Is it a world full of love and promise, or is it a world full of fear and adversity? I believe our perception of what's outside is largely colored by our attitude.

As Anais Nin said, "We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are."

If we believe that the universe is supporting us for our highest good and the most benevolent outcome, we can feel confident when thinking about our present situation and the future. We don't have to be afraid of all the terrible things that could happen to us if we venture out into the world. If we live in constant fear (which our culture is full of!), we will never feel comfortable going beyond our comfort zone and daring to experience something new.

I always say, 'Believing is seeing'. If I firmly believe that I am following my inner guidance to become the best version of myself, I send out a frequency of confidence to the