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Trust Your Instincts

In this morning's meditation, I saw the image of an amethyst crystal pendulum, and I heard the words, 'Trust Your Instincts'. I understand this message to mean not to rely too much on external tools for guidance.

When I first started on my spiritual path, I felt the need to get answers from outside of myself. When I had to make a decision, I connected with psychics and practitioners from all kinds of divination paths to help me make a choice that was right for me.

Then, I discovered pendulums, and how they can help guide a person when questions arise. I bought a beautiful amethyst crystal pendulum, and started working with it, asking it yes/no questions. In the beginning, I accepted every answer I got from the pendulum, but soon I realized that it was acting kind of crazy, giving me different answers to the same question.

After doing some research, I learned that before doing a session with a pendulum, I needed to cleanse and purify my space and the crystal, asking that only the highest light force energy be present, and that all lower energy leave the crystal and my space.

Once I did that, before asking my question, I told the pendulum to show me what 'yes' looks like and what 'no' looks like. After that was established, I felt confident that the pendulum was functioning for my highest good.

But more importantly, in time, I have learned to let go of my need to find answers outside of myself and to go within to search for answers. In quiet moments, I ask my heart what I feel is the right thing to do. If I feel a resistance to something, I go within and try to feel why I have that resistance. If I feel joy about an idea or decision, I usually go with that.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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