Train Tracks -- Message of the Day

In this morning's meditation, I was shown the image of train tracks, and then I heard the word, 'Travel'. Upon deeper meditation on the subject, I understood that the message was about how travel can give us new perspectives and also help us to be happier.

Taking a break from our usual surroundings to go somewhere different helps to take us out of our everyday habits and mindset. In doing so, we expand our minds and open ourselves to new ways of thinking and doing things. We get to experience other cultures and see how they cope with problems and celebrate their joys. This isn't saying that we necessarily have to agree with other people's ways of life, but we can come to understand that our way of thinking is not the only way.

This reminds me of last year, when Skip and I were still evacuated from our home in Leilani Estates. We spent the month of October in Waimea in the mountains of the Big Island. The countryside was gorgeous, with views of four mountains. We loved being so close to Puako beach, our favorite. So, it was good to be breathing fresh, clean air, swimming, cycling, and hiking. We enjoyed the Waimea Saturday market and the unique Western flair of the town, culminating in the Paniolo Parade.

But something was missing. We couldn't find any spiritual groups that did chanting, meditation, or e-dance like we were used to doing in the lower Puna area. The energy in Waimea felt denser than back home. We missed our community, who despite being dispersed due to the lava eruption, still made the effort to come together a couple of times a week to chant, meditate, and give each other support.

At the end of October, we were ready to move back to Leilani, and we returned with a new appreciation of our home community. We had expanded our horizons by learning about Waimea's culture, and we had experienced the tourist attractions on the Kona side of the island. And when we came home, our hearts were happy and filled with gratitude because we remembered why we had chosen to live in Puna in the first place.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019