Time to Dust

"The heart is like a mirror. When we dust it off, we're able to see ourselves. The dust is all our stuff – guilt, anger – this stuff is reflected back to us. Practice removes the dust from the mirror of our hearts." - Krishna Das

Feeling stuck? Been bumping into walls without any doors? Where is that vibe that makes us feel like we are in the flow? It may be time to do some energetic dusting and cleaning of our chakras in order to allow the universal life force energy to flow more freely in our life.

Most of us who have heard of tai chi and qi gong know that these practices correspond with moving the universal life force energy that surrounds and fills all living things. This life force energy is called 'chi' in China, 'prana' in India, and 'ki' in Japan. Reiki is a healing practice that originated in Japan and focuses on releasing energy blocks that inhibit the free flow of ki throughout the body.

So, using Reiki to dust off our energetic field is an excellent way to clean out the clutter that has accumulated in our chakras. Our energy centers can get thrown out of whack through all kinds of influences, such as pollution (air, water, soil, electro-magnetic waves), impure food (GMOs, processed foods, pesticides and herbicides), stress (always on the go and under pressure), toxic relationships, and illness to name a few.

We can give ourselves Reiki or share it with others through hands-on or distance healing. Reiki is known to relieve stress, bring relaxation, and promote inner peace. If you'd like to learn more about Reiki healing, please go to www.gudvibz.com/reiki-healing.

When our chakras are healthy and balanced, we are relaxed and peaceful, and we can enjoy the beauty that life has to offer us.