In today's meditation, I saw the image of a big bird, and I heard loud, squawking noises. This message is very relevant to me because I am currently taking part in a multi-day training course, and some of the participants are extremely talkative.

It seems that the closer I get to being my true authentic self, the more averse I am to noise, especially mindless chatter, traffic, and TV background noise. That is probably the reason I so enjoy living in a peaceful rural area, without neighbors and barely any traffic. I can count the number of cars that go down my road in a day on both hands. At night, the only sound we hear are the coqui frogs, and I love their lullaby music.

So, when I have to be out of my quiet home environment at a workshop or seminar that goes over several days, I start feeling agitated when I have to listen to people talking incessantly. I just wish they had an 'off' switch, as they are obviously unaware, themselves, of their irritating behavior.

This morning, I asked my Divinity to please help me to be less judgemental and more compassionate toward those in the group who feel the need to talk non-stop. I meditated on the subject, and I received the message that incessant talking can be a sign of psychological distress, or even mental illness. As a matter of fact, one particularly loud and chatty participant told the group that she had been molested and abused as a child.

Knowing that underlying psychological issues can be the reason someone feels the need to talk all the time has helped me to feel more compassionate towards them and has made my class experience more tolerable.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019