Article: Spit It Out!

September 2019 -- Spit It Out!

Sometimes, when we feel like there's stuck energy in our throat chakra, we cough, clear our throat, talk a blue streak, get laryngitis, or withdraw and don't say much at all. Often, a blocked fifth chakra can come from suppressed emotional expression in relationships. The throat chakra and the sacral chakra are closely linked to each other. While the second chakra, or sacral, is our center of emotions, the throat chakra is our center of expression. So, the unexpressed energy from the sacrum can cause energy blocks in the throat.

In some relationships, we may feel like we can't express our emotions because we are afraid losing control, saying hurtful things, and causing conflict. We don't trust ourselves to talk in a respectful way. So, when we are upset, we often just swallow our emotions and stuff them ever deeper into ourselves.

But, if we do not have a habit of safely expressing our emotions, it is likely that the sacral and throat chakra are holding onto these unexpressed emotions until we are ready to process them. Unexpressed and unprocessed emotions do not go away, they take up residence in our energetic and physical bodies.

However, we can process our emotions in a healthy way if we do not allow our them to rule our behavior. Let's say we are very upset; maybe we know why, maybe we don't. We just know that we are highly agitated. Then, maybe our friend or loved one says or does something that acts like a trigger, and we want to lash out because we don't know how to direct our energy in a healthy way. It's helpful for us to become aware of our automatic behavior, such as emotional reactions, becoming our emotions, and fear of expressing emotions.

In times like these, it's helpful to tell the other person that we are feeling out of sorts, and we need to spend some time alone to process our emotions. We don't want to lash out and say something that we will regret later. We don't want to be ruled by our emotions. We need to release the pent up negative emotional energy in a healthy way, by crying, chanting, doing breathing exercises, or walking to name a few. The last time I felt this way, I chanted for an hour, and I can tell you it really works!

Once we have released the blocked energy, we can start expressing our emotions (sacral chakra) through our throat chakra in a balanced way, and it doesn't have to be through speaking. The throat chakra is our center of creative expression, which can be in many different forms: writing, dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, or doing art for example. Then, after processing our emotions, we can talk to our friends and loved ones in an objective way and tell them how we feel without letting our emotions rule us.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019