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Shadow Work

Here we are at the start of September, and it seems that there is a shift in the air. The beginning of September is always an evocative time for me – summer is coming to an end, school is starting again, and (for those who live in cooler climates) nature is beginning to display her colorful array of leaves.

Today, September 1, we are also greeted with a full moon in Pisces. The full moon, whose energy is strong from 3 days before to 3 days after, is a good time for releasing old, stuck emotions that no longer serve our highest good. Both the moon and Pisces are linked to the element of water, so this is a time of heightened emotions and intuition. Emotions are an aspect of the second chakra (the sacrum), and intuition is an aspect of the sixth chakra (the third eye). The full moon in Pisces energy is asking us to bring our lower chakras in alignment with our higher chakras.

Interestingly, the Reiki cards I pulled for the month of September indicate embracing our shadow side and processing our emotions, warts and all, so that we can shift to a higher level of consciousness. We often tend to want to ignore our negative feelings and sweep the hard work of dealing with them under the carpet. But, when we embrace all of our feelings with great doses of self-love, self-respect, and self-honor, we can process them in a healthy way.

As we release the toxic energy of stuck emotions, we feel lighter and better able to receive the higher vibrations coming to us. When our third eye chakra is stimulated by the lighter energy, we feel a stronger link to our intuition. As we connect with our higher self and the higher power, we sense a cleansing and purifying light coming through and flowing throughout our energetic body, from crown to base. This brings us more into harmony with ourselves and helps us to feel our connection to all that is.

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