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In my meditation, I saw the tiny sprout of a pea plant, and I heard the word, "Seed". I understand this message to mean that when we set the intention for something to come into our life, it is just like planting a seed.

If we want to grow a pea plant, first we need to clear the ground of weeds and rocks so that the seed has room to take root. The same goes for clearing our space when we want an intention to manifest in our life. It's helpful to let go of toxic beliefs and habits that do not support us in following our heart's desire. Clearing our energetic blocks is like clearing the ground of stones and weeds. It frees us up to receive inspiration and tune into our intuition.

After clearing out the debris, we are ready to put the seed into the ground, surrounded by plenty of fertile soil to nourish it. And just as we plant a seed if we want peas, when we set an intention to manifest a change in our life, we need to plant it in a fertile environment. Having a supportive community is like fertilizer to our dreams. When we are surrounded by like-minded people -- our tribe, we know that there is no limit to what we can be, as we evolve into the best version of ourselves.

Then, we cover up the little seed, trusting that if we water it, it will grow into a sprout. This is akin to planting the seed of intention, sending it off to the universe, and then trusting that our heart's desire will come into our life. We have to let go of controlling every step of the process and trust that the seed we planted will sprout. It is that trust that waters our little seed of intention.

And just as we are excited the moment we see the tiny leaves of the pea sprout poking out of the ground, we are joyful when we see the beginnings of the manifestation of our heart's desire. This cycle continues as we experience synchronicities that confirm we are on the right path: plant, believe, witness, repeat.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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