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Retreat -- Message of the Day

When I connected with my spirit guide this morning and asked for a message, I was shown a scene from what appeared to be a former life of mine. I was sitting at the mouth of a cave looking out to the shoreline and ocean just before me. There was an empty wooden fishing rowboat just beyond the shore break on the sand.

A little way down the coast, there was a castle, and I felt connected to it. The whole scene looked like it was on the Spanish Mediterranean coast several hundred years ago. I loved to steal away from the hustle and bustle at the castle and retreat to my secret cave. There, I'd sit in stillness for hours and look out at the ocean from my perch at the mouth of the cave. And when I returned to my community at the castle, I felt replenished and restored, ready to be my peaceful, authentic self.

To me this message means to remember to retreat when I feel like my energy is depleted and I need to refuel. As an empath, I know that when I am around a lot of people, I take on energy that is not mine, and others can drain my energy. And for me, that leads to burnout. So, it's important to have a place to retreat to regularly, and it doesn't have to be a cave on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. A quiet spot in the home or backyard is just as effective. © Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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