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Recharge Your Batteries

Summer is fast approaching! What better time than now to be outdoors. When we are out in nature, our energetic system gets rebooted.

The earth, the trees and plants, the water, and the air are full of negative ions that our body needs to feel balanced. But, throughout the course of our normal day, we tend to pick up a lot of positive ions from stress, electromagnetic waves, noise, traffic, unhealthy food, and polluted air and water, to name a few causes.

An overload of positive ions can make us feel out of sorts or even sick after a while. This influences our chakras (energy centers), and the free flow of universal life force energy is blocked. A great way to balance our out-of-whack energetic field with negative ions is to go on a nature walk or swim in a lake or the ocean.

I love to go on walks around my neighborhood and take in the beauty of the plants, trees, and flowers that surround me. For me, this is a walking meditation. I clear my mind of all thoughts, breathing the fresh air deeply into my lungs and appreciating my immediate surroundings. I listen to the birds and watch the branches of the trees rustling in the wind.

If my thoughts begin to drift, I focus once again on my breath and marvel at the variety and abundance of nature all around me. This keeps me in the present moment – no room for past regrets or worries about the future. Sometimes, I find a particularly beautiful flower, and I stop to take a picture of it – kind of like finding a prize along the way. After my walk, I always feel regenerated, having soaked up loads of negative ions to balance my energy field.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2021

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