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Raising the Bar

I have been thinking that when we feel ready to move on to higher goals in our life it is similar to doing the high jump in track and field. The idea of the high jump is to jump over the bar and land in the pit without knocking the bar over. So, when athletes have been able to maintain a certain level for a while, they start to set their sights on a new, higher goal. They set to work on training for the new challenge.

And so it is with us when we decide to leave our comfort zone and shift toward a new and higher goal. Maybe we no longer feel happy with where we are because we seem to be stagnating. One way to move forward from a situation that's holding us back is to set intentions to bring something new into our life.

Just like the athlete, we start preparing ourselves for our new target. Similar to when the high jumper adds on new practices, we, too, train by working towards our goal, taking small but steady steps every day toward manifesting our intentions. How many times does the high jumper knock over the newly set bar while he/she is practicing? We know it takes a lot of dedication and discipline to keep going.

Likewise, when we are working toward making our dream a reality, we, too, need to remember that it takes regular practice to get to where we want to be. And as we see improvements and get closer to our target, it no longer seems like we have insurmountable obstacles to conquer. And one day, just like the high jumper after lots of training, we reach our new target and jump over the newly set bar without having it come crashing down.

We have shifted to a higher vibration and have manifested our intentions.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2020

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