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In my meditation, I saw a single engine plane, and I heard the word, "Propeller". I understand this message to serve as a reminder of what propels us in our life.

Let's take a moment to reflect on what it is that drives us in our life. What is it that helps us to keep moving forward? If we think about the everyday things, we might say it's our responsibilities that make us get up out of bed each morning. We have to take care of family members and go to work to earn a living.

But let's go beyond the mundane necessities of life. What is it that replenishes us when our batteries are down? For me, it's feeling my connection to the universe. It's feeling like I'm a part of all that is. I find that the best way to recharge is to spend time in nature. Being among the plants, trees, and fresh air is an excellent way to push the reset button.

And once we have recharged, what is it that gives us that extra surge of energy to live life to the fullest? I believe it's our passion. When we are in tune with our heart's desire, we find a near endless supply of strength and stamina. A good way to find out what our true passion is, is to ask ourselves that makes our eyes light up when we think about it?

I feel most connected to my passion when I am doing my healing work. I always have an extra power supply for anything that has to do with Reiki, sound healing, or intuitive work. This is my propeller; this is what drives me.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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