Press the Pause Button -- Message of the Day

Today, my spirit guide showed me an image of my bare feet in the sand, with the waves washing over them. The message I heard was to 'press the pause button'. I understand this message to mean that when I feel out-of-sorts, I need to take a break and do something to relax.

Pressing the pause button can be as short and simple as doing a breathing exercise for a few minutes. I am always amazed at how calming this is for me.

I have noticed that when I am stressed, my inhalations tend to be longer than my exhalations, and my breathing is shallower. This can lead to increased tension, an accelerated heart rate, and higher blood pressure.

So, a good way to bring more balance into the way I'm feeling is to reverse the stressful breathing process by exhaling twice as long as inhaling. It's really easy to do, and brings me into the present moment, as I focus solely on my breath.

First, I sit down and ground myself. Then, I pay attention to my breathing, inhaling for the count of 5 or 6 and exhaling for the count of 10 or 12. The idea is to breathe out twice as long as I breathe in. When I first started out, I think I inhaled for 4 and exhaled for 8.

After a few minutes of this 1:2 breathing, I feel so much more relaxed and balanced. Whatever it was that was influencing me in a negative way before the breathing meditation, is no longer stressing me out, and I can see my situation in a more objective way. © Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019