Peace for Body, Mind, and Soul

A lot of people, including myself, spend a great deal of time indoors, like at the office, or nowadays working from home. Being indoors all day can get a bit one-sided after awhile and clog up our energy flow. So if I feel out-of-sorts, I make sure to get out and go for a long walk. The fresh air, the trees and flowers, and the sounds of the birds all help to refresh my spirit. I try to focus on the present moment when I’m walking, paying attention so that I do not let my mind take over and worry about some aspect of my life.

On my walks, I consciously choose to admire the trees and flowers, noting their intricate beauty. I watch the movement of the wind in the leaves, and sometimes, I even imagine myself slowly and dreamily flying among the greenery, inspecting the trees more carefully.

After doing my walking meditation, I return home refreshed and in a good mood. We know that being in nature helps us to fill up on much-needed negative ions. When we spend a lot of time on the computer, we are bombarded with positive ions, which creates an energetic imbalance within us. So, the outdoors brings regeneration for body, mind, and spirit.