Pat Yourself on the Back

At a recent sound healing event, we talked about how we are often there for others and are quick to praise them, but then we asked the question: Do we do the same for ourselves?

Most often, the answer is we don't. We tend to beat up on ourselves where we would otherwise support and encourage our loved ones. For example, if a friend of ours messes up and fails at something, we try to console and support them with words of empathy and encouragement. We tell them 'It's okay, no one's perfect, and that they can try again another time'.

But why don't we use the same words of support and encouragement on ourselves? Instead, we often reprimand and talk harshly to ourselves. When we fail at something, more times than not, we don't have compassionate words for ourselves, like 'It's okay, you tried your best, tomorrow's another day'. Instead, we tend to berate ourselves, dwelling on what we did wrong. This can lead to a downward spiral, reinforcing a negative view of ourselves.

A good way to shift out of that pattern of thinking is to ask if you are treating yourself like your own best friend. Tell your inner critic to go take a hike and actually give yourself a pat on the back for the great job you ARE doing in life. Think of how you would encourage and support a friend and do that for yourself.

Showing ourselves love, compassion, and forgiveness is something we consciously have to decide to do each day. A good habit to practice is to think of something you are good at and like about yourself, which in turn creates feelings of joy. This nourishes and balances the heart chakra.

Be a best friend to yourself and remember to take some time out this Valentine's Day to do something you truly love. Recharge your batteries. When we have replenished our cup of love and compassion, which only we can do, we are better able to share these gifts with our friends and family.

© Erika Marie McClane, 2022