Opening the Heart

It's a new year and a new decade! It feels like right now there's a lot of strong energy to help shift us into a more supportive way of life. My intention for the new year and beyond is to open my heart more. I intend to spend less time listening to my head, to allow myself to be vulnerable, and to trust my heart more.

As I review the past year and the past decade, I realize that when I made decisions based love rather than fear, I always moved in a direction that supported my highest good, and I felt at peace. Whereas, when I listened to my head (my ego) I ended up feeling like something was lacking, especially my self-respect.

When my head takes control of my life, I am usually coming from a place of fear. It's a fear that I don't know what's right for me. I ignore what my inner voice is telling me, and I tend to listen to loved ones, who mean well and think they know what's best for me. My people-pleasing state of mind jumps in, and I end up making decisions to gain the approval of those close to me instead of following my own heart. This is an example of choosing fear over love.

I am, now, moving towards a shift in energy, in which I allow myself to follow my heart more and to be more vulnerable. As we go through life, we experience a great deal of heartbreak, and we create a barrier around our heart to protect it from being wounded again. We are afraid of opening ourselves up to life once more because we don't want to feel the pain of loss. But, this wall that we build around our heart makes us hard and stops us from giving and receiving love. So, we stay in protection mode and avoid being vulnerable.

When we move toward a life of love, we follow what our heart is telling us. We trust that we are standing in our own truth, which gives us courage. We gain the confidence to cut cords with the naysayers in our life -- those who mean well, but keep us in a box of fear. In my experience, it has been immensely helpful to actually remove myself geographically from influential people in my life who tried to make me into someone they wanted me to be.

When I let go of ego and fear and allow my heart to lead me, I have the most beautiful experiences that serve to help me grow and raise my vibration. By following my heart, I am now blessed to be living my dream together with the love of my life.

I know, now, that I can trust love to guide me, and I don't have to live confined in a box of fear.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2020

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