Article: New Moon: 10 Steps to Manifesting Intentions

The new moon is a great time to think about what we want to manifest more of in our life. In order to intentionally bring something into our life, we have to do some work on our part, and to that end we need to set intentions and nurture them. I often liken setting an intention to planting a seed. I’d like to share with you a formula that I have created for myself for manifesting more of what I want into my life.  10 Steps to Manifesting Your Intentions 1. Tune in to your inner voice to understand what it is that you are truly passionate about bringing into your life. (Go within and receive) 2. Tap into a desire coming from deep within your true self. (Identify your wish) 3. Create an intention to represent the manifestation of that desire. (Create the seed. It can be any size—don’t limit yourself.) 4. Send this intention out to the universe. (Plant the seed in fertile ground.) 5. Take inspired action to support your intention. (Water the seed.) 6. Keep a positive mindset. (Give the seed lots of sunlight.) 7. Trust and know that the universe supports your intention. (Wait for the seed to sprout.) 8. Pay attention to synchronicities around you that confirm your intention. (The soil covering the seed starts to loosen up and is slightly raised. Start being grateful.) 9. Continue to nurture and give positive energy to the intention as you see the beginnings of your manifestation come to life. (The seedling pokes its head through the earth. Give thanks that the universe is supporting you.)  10. Continue to work together with the synchronicities, a positive mindset, and trust to see your intention manifest. (The seedling begins to sprout its first leaves. Express your gratitude.) © Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019