Mine -- Message of the Day

In my morning meditation, I saw a picture of an underground mine, and also heard the word, 'Mine'. It's fascinating how our spirit guides will use the path of least resistance to get a message across. I tend to receive my messages through pictures first and then through spoken words, so my spirit guide showed me an image of a mine first. After clarifying that what was meant was not an actual mine, as in coal mine, but the possessive adjective meaning 'belonging to me', I ventured more deeply into the concept of what 'mine' really means to me.

What is really mine? If we're talking about material things, then everything I own is mine. I have a house, a car, clothes, furniture, and my beloved ukulele. I paid money for these possessions, so they are 'mine' to enjoy.

But what if all of my possessions were taken away, say by a natural disaster that wiped out my car, my house, and everything in it? During the Kilauea eruption last year, more than 700 homes were covered by lava, leaving nothing behind. I am aware of people who were not able to get back to their houses to salvage anything before the lava came. Their homes were in lower Leilani Estates, and it was too dangerous to go back to get that favorite dress, that trophy, that beloved musical instrument. These people lost everything, and many of them weren't insured.