Carry a Torch -- Message of the Day

To "Carry a torch for someone or something" means to love someone or be passionate about something. In today's message, I saw the image of someone marching with a torch to light their way. I understand that this message is encouraging me to follow my passions, but to choose wisely what I invest my energy in.

We are bombarded every day with causes that we feel we need to take action for. When we talk to our friends or participate in social media, we find so much injustice and suffering that we can feel like we need to carry a torch for every problem to help fix it.

But our time and energy are not unlimited. If we feel we need to participate in every area of suffering that we hear about, we will soon find that we are completely overwhelmed and exhausted.

So, the message today is for us to go within, and choose the cause we are most passionate about. Then, we can move forward with our torch of strength and passion.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019