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Take the best, and leave the rest. -- Message of the Day

'Take the best, and leave the rest' was the message I received today. My spirit guide showed me a picture of the lost city of Atlantis. I saw the image of a library that was cracked and broken and under water. When I asked for the deeper meaning, I was told that although many ancient civilizations rose and fell and took a great deal of wisdom with them when they died, we need to know that we, ourselves, have the answers within us.

Thankfully, some writings of the ancient world survived, and we can gather a great deal of wisdom from their teachings even today, thousands of years later. But nowadays, we have so much information available to us at our fingertips that many of us suffer from information overload. For people who are on the spiritual path and are seeking information to help them connect with their divinity and raise their vibration, sometimes too much information can become overwhelming and confusing.

How can we discriminate the information we receive from outside sources and know what to take on board for ourselves as our own truth? In my experience, when I have listened to or read about spiritual beliefs, I have always made an effort to see how these new ideas resonated with my true self. How did it make me feel? Was there something dogmatic about a religion or belief system that made me feel uneasy?

Some may think they have no place in questioning the ideology of a particular system of beliefs because the books were written by wise, enlightened people. But, when we are asked to subjugate our own convictions to comply with a spiritual dogma, we are burying our authentic self in order to fit in with a religious community. So, my motto is: if it doesn't feel right, don't take it into your own personal belief system.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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