Love -- Message of the Day

In my meditation today, I saw an image of a heart and heard the words, 'Altruistic Love'. As I tuned in to the message, I realized the deeper meaning to be a feeling of love for all beings.

I had a sense of sense that we are all connected, brothers and sisters. When we take off our judgement glasses that separate us from our fellow humans, we can see each other more objectively, without comparison. We see the Divine spark in each other, and that activates altruistic love, a sense of kindness and compassion for one another.

When we take ourselves out of a stressful situation, maybe spending some time outdoors connecting with nature, we elevate our vibration and can move out of a mindset of judging others. We can be more open to feeling the soul connection to our fellow humans, animals, and plants that share this planet with us.

We all belong here on this Earth, and we all have our own individual gifts to share with the world. Acknowledging this and sharing kindness and compassion with all living beings will help to raise the vibration of the planet.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019