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Inner Strength

At the Full-Moon in Leo sound healing yesterday, I was talking about how this full-moon will support us in removing blocks to our courage and strength. I asked everyone to think of what might be holding them back from tapping into their inner strength.

One of the big hurdles is fear, which can express itself as anxiety or worry about the unknown. We paint countless scenarios in our heads as to why something will not work out. We may feel unworthy or incompetent, and believe that we are doomed to fail if we try something new. This keeps us from taking initiative and moving forward in our life.

In yesterday's sound healing, we worked on balancing the root chakra because this is the energy center that corresponds to fear. When we worry about what the future will bring, it causes our root chakra to get out of balance. We may cling to people or things and feel that we need to be in control all the time.

A good exercise for balancing the root chakra is to see ourselves as grounded and centered. We can visualize sending a long taproot down into the earth, connecting with the warm, nurturing, comforting, and protective energy of the Earth Mother.

When we feel safe and secure, we can be courageous and tap into our inner strength to take steps to move forward in our life.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2020

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