Recently, we offered a New Moon in Pisces sound healing, which was focused on committing to personal goals -- specifically projects that require Pisces traits such as imagination, visualization, and creative skills.

Some examples of personal goals may be living a healthier lifestyle, having better relationships, or setting career goals that are more in alignment with our authentic selves.

Setting goals is a process that starts with the heart chakra, or the Anahata. The first step is to figure out what it is that you want to achieve? In order to determine that, it helps to focus on what keeps popping up in your life. What is that inner voice calling you to do? Are you seeing synchronicities around you that reinforce that inner calling? These are reminders from the universe that can connect you more with your authentic self and help you to be more fulfilled. This is heart chakra energy, and it helps when we to go inside and find that passion. What is it that makes our eyes light up with joy when we talk about it?

Once we know what it is that we truly want to manifest in our lives, we can move to the next step, which is visualization. This is where the third eye chakra, or the Ajna, comes in. Ajna is the Sanskrit word for the energy center between our eyebrows. It is the center of imagination and visualization, among other things. When we can visualize what we want to bring into our life, we are co-creating together with the universe.

Say you have the goal to lead a healthier lifestyle. You can visualize yourself living this goal (eating healthier, being creative with meal making, and establishing an exercise routine). For relationships, you can visualize new people from your soul tribe coming into your life and doing things together that bring you joy. It is important to phrase your intention in the present tense, as if you are living that way right now, i.e. "I am living a healthy lifestyle". Saying "I want to live a healthy lifestyle" keeps that goal away from you because it focuses on the lack you have now. If you say, "I am going to live a healthy lifestyle," that keeps your goal in the future. So, remember to set your intention in the present tense.

Visualize yourself already having whatever it is. How does that make you feel? Imagine yourself talking to friends and family and expressing your joy. What are you saying to them? See yourself in that situation. How does that feel? FEEL that. This amplifies your vision.

Feeling yourself in your manifested situation gives you the confidence to move forward, which brings us to the solar plexus chakra, or the Manipuri. When we are in the flow of our authentic self and intentions, we are always projecting that energy out into the universe and attracting people and situation into our life to support us. It's like we're sending out a radio beacon. We need to remember to release that intention, though, like a balloon.

The next step is to trust that everything is happening for your highest good. This is where the sacral chakra, or Swadhisthana comes in. Now that you know what you want and have visualized it happening, it's time to start creating and working towards your goal. Don't worry about HOW it's going to happen. Every time we worry about how something is going to happen, we are not trusting. We pull that balloon back towards us again, and we don't release it.

Start looking out for synchronicities, messages that show the universe is supporting you. Be open to receiving support from the universe in expected and unexpected ways. Sometimes opportunities come up that we couldn't ever possibly dream of ourselves. Be willing to receive the gifts of the universe.

Erika Marie McClane, March 2022