I Am Grounded; I Am Centered

Wow, what time of transition we are in! So much has changed for so many people in such a short time. More than half of the world is now in self-isolation, and we are experiencing a way of living that is new to most of us.

With such dramatic changes to our everyday lifestyle, many of us are worried about our family, health, jobs, income, and finances. At times, it can feel overwhelming to think about how COVID 19 is affecting our lives now, and what its possible influence could be in the future.

We are bombarded with constant information to keep us ‘updated’ on the progression of the virus all around the world and in our own communities. But, we don’t need to be constantly tuned in and stressed out in fear. Right now, many of us may feel the need to cocoon and withdraw from the onslaught of scary information to protect our own energy.

A great way to withdraw from the frenzied media broadcasts is to bring ourselves into the present moment and do grounding visualizations. When we can get into a relaxed space, we give our body a chance to strengthen its immune system.

Here’s an exercise that I do to keep myself centered.

· Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your lower belly.

· Become aware of your breath, and notice where it goes and where it doesn’t go. Do this for a couple of minutes.

· Expand your awareness to the sounds and sensations inside the room. What do you hear, smell, feel, sense? Do this for a couple of minutes.

· Expand that awareness to the sounds outside the room. Do this for a couple of minutes.

· Bring your awareness back into the room and back into your body.

· Feel your connection to the floor or chair.

· Do a grounding visualization, in which you see a long taproot growing down from your root chakra, at the base of your spine.

· See that taproot going all the way down to the heart of the Earth Mother’s central crystal, past all kinds of layers of rock, sand, lava, clay, water, etc.

· Visualize a network of side roots growing out to the taproot, holding you fast and strong. Nothing can move you out of your center.

· Soak up the warm, loving, nurturing, protective energy of the Earth Mother into your root chakra.

· Bring that red, earthy energy up your central energy channel, and see it coming out the top of your head, like a fountain.

· Feel the Earth Mother energy enveloping your entire body like a warm, red cloak of protection.

· Stay in the feeling of security as long as you like.

These grounding visualizations will support you in becoming more relaxed and finding your center.

Sending all of you Brightest Reiki Blessings to stay healthy and strong in mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Erika Marie Rose