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Article: Happy New Year!

It's the beginning of a new year and a powerful time to set intentions. But before we do that, let's reflect back on 2018 to see what our experiences were, what we learned from them, and what our insights were. Think back to the past year, and write down the major events, milestones, mistakes, and surprises that you experienced. What about relationships, decisions, health, subtractions, and additions in your life?  When I think back on the past year, the one huge event that stands out the most for me was the lava eruption. It impacted us severely, completely turning Skip's and my life upside down. From one moment to the next we went from living in our newly built home and having a financially sound income situation to being evacuees, without any stable source of income, dependent on friends and family. Looking back, I can say one of the most important lessons we learned was that we can live comfortably with very little -- minimalism. During our six months as evacuees, we only had two suitcases and some personal items with us. Everything else was in storage. Another lesson for us was that, despite all the horrible things happening in this world, there are still kind and generous people among us who are willing to help those in need. One insight that came to me, after the lava stopped and things settled down, was that I need to trust more that the universe supports me for my highest good. At the beginning of the eruption, I was traumatized, and I worried about our livelihood. Now, I see that all that worry was for nothing. Things turned out just fine for us. During the first three months, friends and friends of friends helped us out and offered us places to live. Then, later on, our insurance company helped us to pay the rent. Through introspection, we can learn from past experiences. When we acknowledge what was and observe our circumstances dispassionately, we become aware of habits, tendencies, and patterns of behavior that we can change if we want to.  So, having reflected on the past year and analyzed our circumstances, we can learn from past actions, and we can align our new intentions with future actions.  "True self-analysis is the greatest art of progress." --Paramahansa Yogananda What is it that you want most to either bring into your life or release from your life in the new year? Think about it, and be sure it's not something you should or shouldn't do, but something you truly want. © Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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