Happiness Is a Patchwork Quilt

The other day, I was inspired to create an imaginary patchwork quilt of my happy times.

Making a Happiness Patchwork Quilt is fun! I can think of lots of things that trigger feelings of happiness and joy within me. For example, I'm happy when I'm doing healing work, whether it's giving a Reiki session or teaching a Reiki class. I'm blissful when I am aware of my connection to my divinity. I feel a sense of contentment when I spend time with my life partner and soulmate. I am joyful when I am together with my children and grandchildren. My happy places are the beach, my home, and the tropical rainforest jungle of Puna, Hawaii. Wow, I can see that this quilt is going to get pretty big!

Here the question that comes to mind is: Do outer circumstances or other people 'make us happy', or do they trigger a happiness that already exists within us? Do outer influences bring us pleasure (not happiness)? Maybe we need to look at the semantics here. In our culture and language, things and people 'make us happy' and they 'bring joy to us'. I think that because these terms are so widespread in our language, people tend to see happiness and joy as being a feeling brought to us from outside influences.

I believe that people and situations can bring us pleasure, but that real happiness resides within the self. It's true that we often forget our happiness because of our monkey mind and unhealed ego. But, when we tune into our heart, we can reconnect with those feelings of joy. People and situations can be a trigger to remind us of our true bliss. One way to do that is to create a Happiness Patchwork Quilt!

© Erika Marie McClane 2022