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Grace -- Message of the Day

This morning, I was feeling out-of-sorts, worrying about finances and my future, so during my meditation, I asked my spirit guide what it was that I needed to know right then. First, I saw a picture of a bird-of-paradise flower, and then I heard the word, 'grace'. To me the bird-of-paradise symbolizes gracefulness.

I understand this message to mean that it's important for me to get myself out of my worrying mindset. As I connected more closely with the concept of grace, I thought about what it is that brings us into this state.

For me, being in grace is being in a state of high energetic vibration. It's about a clear connection to our divinity. Whether we call it Source, the Universe, the Great Mystery, or the Christed Light Force, we are talking about a higher power.

Grace also has to do with the heart. When we feel gratitude for what we have and what is in our life, we automatically shift out of a lower vibe, as we feel good about ourselves.

Finally, we connect with grace when we trust that all will be well. One of the best ways to rekindle that trust is to recall all the times that our divinity supported us for our highest good and the most benevolent outcome. How often in the past have we been worried sick about something, and things turned out for the best after all?

After my meditation and message, I felt so much better. I remembered being connected to my divinity and to trust in the most benevolent outcome.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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