Grace -- Message of the Day

This morning, I was feeling out-of-sorts, worrying about finances and my future, so during my meditation, I asked my spirit guide what it was that I needed to know right then. First, I saw a picture of a bird-of-paradise flower, and then I heard the word, 'grace'. To me the bird-of-paradise symbolizes gracefulness.

I understand this message to mean that it's important for me to get myself out of my worrying mindset. As I connected more closely with the concept of grace, I thought about what it is that brings us into this state.

For me, being in grace is being in a state of high energetic vibration. It's about a clear connection to our divinity. Whether we call it Source, the Universe, the Great Mystery, or the Christed Light Force, we are talking about a higher power.

Grace also has to do with the heart. When we feel gratitude for what we have and what is in our life, we automatically shift out of a lower vibe, as we feel good about ourselves.