Faith and Healing

Faith and Healing

This past month has been quite a challenge for me and my husband, Skip. Just a little over four weeks ago, on November 29, I received the diagnosis that I had uterine cancer. This was quite a shock to me, as no one on either side of my family had cancer. What I didn't realize is that there are certain kinds of cancer that are not hereditary.

I was told I needed to have a total hysterectomy, and that in 90% of all cases the surgery is enough to get all the diseased tissue. So, no further treatment would be necessary. Fortunately, my doctor was able to my schedule surgery just ten days after the diagnosis.

The waiting time could well have been a time of sheer agony for me. A few days before my operation, I spoke to the surgeon, and I left his office feeling devastated. He said that in 10% of the uterine cancer cases, the disease spreads to the lymph nodes and even to the colon, making a colostomy necessary. He said they had no way of knowing before the surgery what stage the cancer was and how far it had progressed. What he told me was very upsetting, and I came home knowing I needed to connect with my spiritual practice in order not to descend into a downward spiral.

In the ten days leading to my operation, I had a choice. I could either worry myself sick thinking I might be one of the 10% who required more extensive surgery and possibly chemotherapy, or I could see myself as being healed after the hysterectomy. I asked myself: Why is it that people often tend to focus on the negative, even if there is only a slim chance of it happening? I think it's a result of cultural conditioning -- that we are encouraged to worry about possible negative outcomes. It seems that if we're not worrying about ourselves or someone else, we don't seem to care. But, in order to facilitate the healing process, we need to rewire our thinking.

I chose to remain positive and go with the result that the overwhelming majority of cases had. I acknowledged my negative feelings, but I wouldn't allow myself to dwell on my worries. Instead, I was drawn to giving myself Reiki and sound healing sessions. During these healing treatments, I focused on being one of the 90% of uterine cancer cases, in which the disease is caught early. I visualized the collection of abnormal cells shrinking to a small point. In my mind, I spoke to my uterus and sent Reiki energy to every single cell.

I connected with the Christ Consciousness and Holy Fire Reiki energy several times every day for support in my healing process. As many of you are aware, the Christ Consciousness does not belong to any particular religion. The Christ Consciousness is also known as Buddha Consciousness or Krishna Consciousness. It is the highest and purest form of energy -- it is a divine force, which some people call God, Source, the Universe, or the Great Mystery.

Going into my surgery, I felt so supported by the many, many people who were praying for me and sending Reiki. I knew that the Brothers and Sisters of the Light from Holy Fire Reiki were with me. I was connected to the Christ Consciousness, and I was ready to release the disease from my body. I am so very grateful that I had my spirituality to fall back on for support during my time of need.

When I received the good news that it was early stage (1) cancer, and that they had gotten all of the diseased tissue with the hysterectomy, I cried tears of joy. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for all the loving support I had received and my connection to the Christ Consciousness and Reiki.

As soon as I was awake after the operation, I started giving myself Reiki, and my recovery has been amazing! I never needed any pain medication except for Tylenol for the first week. After that, I didn't need any pain medication at all. Now, three weeks after my surgery, I continue to heal at an unbelievably fast rate. I give myself Reiki every day, and I can feel how it not only does my physical body good, but it nurtures my mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well.

Just two weeks into my recovery, my husband Skip, fell and broke his hip. Now, he needed to have surgery! The doctors operated on him on Christmas Eve Day and put three screws into his upper femur, just under the hip. The surgery went well, and I was able to take him home on Christmas Day. Skip is making good progress in his healing and is able to walk a little more every day. Together with the prayers and Reiki that our friends have been sending Skip, I have been giving him Reiki every day to support his healing process.

Despite our recent health trials, we are both strengthened by our faith, and we know that the Universe supports us for our highest good along our path.

We so look forward to offering our sound healing sessions, Reiki classes, and other healing events soon at our Maika'i Studio.

Sending you all many blessings for the new year!