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F E A R -- Message of the Day

In today's meditation, I was reminded of a topic I spoke on at a recent sound healing. I heard the word, 'Fear', and I remembered that it can be an acronym for two very different concepts. F E A R can mean, 'Forget Everything And Run!' or 'False Evidence Appearing Real'.

Fear is a basic instinct from prehistorical times that we have carried on into our modern-day life. Back in the caveman days, we needed that 'fight-or-flight' instinct to save ourselves from saber-toothed tigers. So, fear can definitely save us from danger.

But what about the fear that many of us feel when we think about our future. Often, we let our ego mind take over, which reminds us how many things can go wrong with our life. That is the 'False Evidence Appearing Real' kind of fear. We worry and fret about our living situation, our relationships, or our health, causing us sleepless nights and a whole lot of anxiety. In our hearts, we know that this kind of fear is not helping us at all.

When we are anxious, a couple of minutes of deep breathing exercises will help to ground us. Then, we can move from our head to our heart, tuning into gratitude for the life we have right now. We can remember our passions and reconnect with that heart spark. When we are in our heart energy, we can rediscover our trust that the universe is supporting us for our highest good.

We can move forward with strength, courage, and trust to realize the best life we can live.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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