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Article: Death & Rebirth Side-by-Side

Change comes to us whether we want it or not. No one is immune to change. And every change involves a death of some kind. We live in Leilani Estates, and the lava eruption changed our life in many ways. We experienced the death of our former lifestyle.  We lost part of our community to the lava. Homes were destroyed, and friends and acquaintances have been displaced. Community gatherings that we attended regularly have either moved to new locations, fundamentally changed the way they were set up, or stopped happening altogether. It has been sobering to see dwindling numbers of attendees at these events, as many people who were once a part of these communities have moved away.  So much loss needs to be grieved. We have to honor ourselves by witnessing our sadness at the loss in our life. It's okay, and absolutely necessary, to honor our grief. However, we do need to move on once we have sat with our emotions. Some people are still stuck in loss and are afraid to move on because the future holds so much uncertainty. We must learn to trust that the universe is supporting us for our highest good. When we have come to accept the death of our former lifestyle, or the death of anyone or anything for that matter, we make room to receive the new energy that is trying to make its way into our life. If we pay attention, we can sense that something new and beautiful is being reborn right now, here in Lower Puna. Side-by-side with the death of our swimming recreation areas in Kapoho, the Warm Ponds, and Pohiki, we have been given new beaches, which we will be able to access soon. We didn't have many sand beaches in Lower Puna before this eruption. The people who remained here during the eruption, or those who are now moving back, are a part of something very special. We are building a new community and helping each other in the process. Skip and I have received a lot of help maintaining our yard and fixing up our house. People are coming together and supporting each other in the rebirth of Lower Puna. We are grateful for the bond that we have established with the new community. Do we have a guarantee that the lava has stopped completely? No, and we never will, as we live on an active volcano. Do we have any guarantees in life at all? Many times, people don't move forward because they are afraid of making a decision. They're waiting for an indication of what to do. This is where a strong awareness of our true self comes in. When we have this, we can move forward and trust our instincts. Thus, Skip and I are completing home renovations so that we can live in our house again. We are coming more and more to realize that here in Lower Puna, we live WITH and ON earth that is alive. We trust that the universe supports us for our highest good and the most benevolent outcome. © Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2018

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