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Cutting Energy Cords

It’s a good idea to remember to do an energetic house cleaning on a regular basis. Every day, we connect with people, whether in-person or over a distance. Whenever we connect, we both send out energetic cords that attach themselves to the other person, connecting our vibe with theirs. This can be a joyful experience, as in an exchange of love between two people, or it can be a negative experience that has us connected to the unhealthy energy of a toxic person.

If we don't consciously sever the ties between us, we can end up losing a lot of our own energy, especially when they are linked to troubling relationships. For example, if a close family member is angry with us, we can continue feeling those toxic vibes long after they have finished speaking to us. This is a kind of energy vampirism, in which someone is draining energy from us as we continuously think about how upset the person is with us. Our thoughts circle around the energetically negative situation, and we find it hard to focus on anything else.

I try to remember to do a cord cutting exercise on a regular basis, usually about once a week, when I notice that I've taken on a lot of energy from other people. When I do this, I first ground myself, and then I connect with my Higher Power. I visualize a giant pair of golden scissors and see them snipping the energetic cords all around me, above and below. Sometimes, I ask Archangel Michael to use his mighty sword to cut the cords. I send love and light back to where the cords came from (even if I don't know from where), and I visualize love and light filling the parts of me where the cords were attached. Sometimes, I can physically feel a cord being cut.

After clearing the attachments, I feel a lot cleaner and have a better sense of my own authentic energy.

© Erika Marie McClane, 2021

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