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Crossroads -- Message of the Day

In my meditation, I saw myself at a trail crossing in a forest. I was looking at the trail markers, and I heard the word 'crossroads'. I understand this message to mean that I need to decide which way to go in order to move forward toward my highest good.

Decision-making can be an agonizing time for me because I often get stuck in my head. My ego tells me what my cultural conditioning would want me to do. Interestingly, a move in that direction is always a move based on fear on my part. I start second guessing myself, worrying about financial security, and then I think about pulling myself back from my dreams and into a more conventional lifestyle. This is not a feel-good situation.

But when I silence my ego and listen to my heart, I give myself permission to follow what I am truly passionate about. Moving in the direction of love has served me well since I've been on my spiritual path, so I feel I can trust it. I put my intention out to the universe and am open to receiving, even in a way that I would never dream of. I trust that I am being supported for my highest good.

Walking the path of love can be scary, especially if we allow our ego to take over. Before we see any signs of our dreams manifesting, we can fall into the trap of fear and doubt.

In following our heart, we are giving ourselves permission to move into uncharted territory, sometimes clearing a way for ourselves, where there was none before. We need to be able to trust that all will be well.

We can be brave and strong because we know that we are moving in the direction of love. © Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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