Creativity -- Message of the Day

I saw a beautifully crafted ceramic bowl in my meditation. It had a two-tone glaze, with gray on the top half and cobalt blue on the bottom. I understand this message as a reminder for me to express myself creatively in different ways.

I do express myself through writing and, of course, my Tibetan singing bowls. Maybe I'll reconnect with my didgeridoo and guitar, which I have been ignoring of late. But, maybe it's time to explore some new avenues of creativity. Hmmmm.... what is it that my heart desires? What is calling me?

We know that the sacral chakra is our center of creativity. This is where our artistic genius is birthed. But we need to bring those visions to some kind of real expression, and we do this through our throat chakra. Just because it's the throat chakra, doesn't mean our creative expression needs to be only through speaking, singing, or chanting (but it can be!). There are so many different ways of bringing forth what is waiting to be birthed inside of us.

Just think, what is it that I've had an urge to do? What has my inner voice been encouraging me with over and over again? Is it writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, singing, chanting, playing a musical instrument, dancing, sewing, knitting, crocheting? It's fun to explore the ways of making a statement about our authentic self.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019