Courage and Inner Strength

Courage and Inner Strength

Question: What do you think might be holding you back from tapping into your courage and inner strength?

Often, the big hurdle is fear. Fear can express itself as anxiety or worry about the unknown. We paint countless scenarios in our heads as to why something will not work out. We may feel unworthy or incompetent and believe that we are doomed to fail if we try something new. This keeps us from taking initiative and moving forward in our life.

In order to tap into your courage and inner strength, work on balancing your root chakra because this is the energy center that corresponds to fear. When we worry about what the future will bring, it causes our root chakra to get out of balance. We may cling to people or things and feel that we need to be in control all the time.

A good exercise for balancing the root chakra is to see ourselves as grounded and centered. We can visualize sending a long taproot down into the earth, connecting with the warm, nurturing, comforting, and protective energy of the Earth Mother.

Here’s a grounding visualization to release fear and be consciously in the present moment. When we can get into a relaxed space, we give our energy body a chance to return to a state of ‘non-fear’.

Here’s an exercise that I do to balance my root chakra.

· Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your lower belly.

· Become aware of your breath, and notice where it goes and where it doesn’t go. Do this for a couple of minutes.

· Expand your awareness to the sounds and sensations inside the room. What do you hear, smell, feel, sense? Do this for a couple of minutes.

· Expand that awareness to the sounds outside the room. Do this for a couple of minutes.

· Bring your awareness back into the room and back into your body.

· Feel your connection to the floor or chair.

· Do a grounding visualization, in which you see a long taproot growing down from your root chakra, at the base of your spine.

· See that taproot going all the way down to the heart of the Earth Mother’s central crystal, past all kinds of layers of rock, sand, lava, clay, water, etc.

· Visualize a network of side roots growing out to the taproot, holding you fast and strong. Nothing can move you out of your center.

· Soak up the warm, loving, nurturing, protective energy of the Earth Mother into your root chakra.

· Bring that red, earthy energy up your central energy channel, and see it coming out the top of your head, like a fountain.

· Feel the Earth Mother energy enveloping your entire body like a warm, red cloak of protection.

· Stay in the feeling of security as long as you like.

These grounding visualizations will support you in tapping into your courage and inner strength

Sending all of you Brightest Reiki Blessings to stay healthy and strong in mind, body, emotions, and spirit.