Clear Vision

Going forward into the new year and new decade, I am inspired to reflect on what it is that I really want to bring into my life. Often, we have a fuzzy, vague idea of what we want, but we can't define it clearly. The universe responds to us with true manifestation of our vision when we can send out an exact picture of how we see ourselves in the future.

So, on this first day of the new year, I am going to sit down in a quiet space and tune in to my inner voice. I will focus on being at peace and receiving, not taking any action at all. I will pay attention to my heart's desires, my passions, and from that, I will write down my intentions for the upcoming months and years.

The actual deed of writing down intentions, clarifies our goals even more. When we send out our authentic intentions to the universe, we then need to let them fly like a balloon, trusting that our heart's desire will manifest. If we doubt the process, it's like pulling that balloon back to us again and again, never really letting it go.

So, on this auspicious day, let's tune in, set clear intentions, follow our heart's passion, and trust that the universe has our back.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2020