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Article: Clean Up!

At the Reiki retreat we held here last weekend, a big topic was how clean or pure we are in our life. We talked about how being as 'clean' as possible opens our channel to connect more strongly with the universal life force energy that flows through us and around us. This supports us in having a balanced chakra system and aligning more with our authentic self. Let's identify some areas in our life where we can find impurities.  When we think about it, we notice that we are bombarded with toxins every day from all directions, from outside of ourselves, but also from within. Being 'clean' means not only exposing ourselves to as little outside pollution and stress as possible, i.e. pollution from smog, noise, light, electromagnetic frequencies, toxins in water and the land, but it also means healthy lifestyle choices, such as right eating, right movement, supportive thoughts, decluttering our life, releasing addictions, setting boundaries, maintaining personal integrity, and being in tune with our true self. Of course, we can't all live in an unpolluted environment, but we can take responsibility for reawakening more purity in our life, for example by spending some time outdoors in nature to clean up our energy field. When we are surrounded by plants, trees, water, and rocks, we pick up on the negative ions they emit. While negative ions sound like something we would want to avoid, actually it's just the opposite. From all the pollution in our environment, we get an excess of positive ions.

So, in order to harmonize our energy body, we need to fill up on negative ions. If we notice how we feel after taking a walk outdoors, we'll realize that we are more balanced than before. This is because we have connected with the OM energy of the Earth. When we honor our body and environment as a temple, we connect with inner peace, loving ourselves, being in touch with our true self, and following our inner voice. We can start living a 'cleaner' life just by taking things step by step. Let's choose an area in our life that we can start 'cleaning up' today. Will it be eating healthier, releasing negative self-talk, setting boundaries, or maybe decluttering our life and/or home?

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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