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Catapult -- Message of the Day

I'm excited today because it's the start of my weekend Reiki retreat, so it's only fitting that the message today is related to that. My spirit guide showed me a sling shot, and I heard the word 'catapult'.

For me, this message is an affirmation that Reiki catapults your connection to the universal life force energy that fills and surrounds every living thing. Ever since I took my first level 1 Reiki class, I have become a stronger and stronger channel for the 'ki' energy, which is Japanese for the word 'chi' (life force energy).

Before I connected with Reiki, my chakras (energy centers) were blocked, and the universal life force energy couldn't flow freely through me. I didn't receive messages and wasn't in touch with my spirit guide. But, with every higher level of Reiki attunement, my chakras have become more balanced, making me a clear channel for the Reiki energy. I have been able to intensify my sensory awareness, and tune into my intuitive abilities.

I am thrilled that this weekend, I'll be supporting a new group of Reiki practitioners in being 'catapulted' into the world, bringing with them their newly-gained healing skills.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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