Carry a Torch

To "carry a torch for someone or something" means to be passionate about someone or something. This is true for us when we are living authentically, following our inner truth; it's as if we have a torch to light our way. When we live in integrity with ourselves, we are encouraged to follow our heart. But, how do we know what we are really passionate about?

In a world where we are bombarded every day with causes that we feel we need to take action on, it's hard to know what to focus our energy on. When we talk to our friends or participate in social media, we find so much injustice and suffering that we can feel like we need to carry a torch for every problem to help fix it. Every day, we allow ourselves to be easily distracted by people, situations, and events. This 'busyness' keeps us from spending quality time with ourselves, time in which we could be following our heart, our passion.

But, our time and energy are not unlimited. If we feel we need to participate in every area of suffering that we hear about, we will soon find that we are completely overwhelmed and exhausted.

Instead of being caught up in a whirlwind of things screaming for our attention, it's helpful to slow down and stop the 'busyness'. When we no longer jump from one distraction to the next and give our focused, laser beam attention to what's important to us, we are no longer multi-tasking. Single-tasking is the result of going within and choosing the cause we are most passionate about. When we have identified that fire inside of us, we can then move forward with our torch of strength and passion.

© Erika Marie McClane and Good Vibes, 2021