Beacon -- Message of the Day

In my meditation, I saw a radio tower sending out signals to the world, and the word I heard was 'beacon'. I understand this to mean that we are all beacons of light when we raise our vibration.

Through spiritual practice, energy healing, and meditation, the divine spark that we all carry within us is kindled, thus enabling us to be beacons of good vibes just like that radio tower.

When we encounter others in our daily life, whether it's shopping, chatting with a neighbor, or meeting a friend, we have the opportunity to share our light. That stranger we smile at as we walk into the grocery store, the neighbor whom we stop to speak to, and the hug we give a friend, are all ways of passing on the high vibes.

We often can't be sure of how, or even whether, we have shared our radiance with another because we can't see the after effects of our actions. But, our smile, our time, and our hugs have a ripple effect that multiplies over and over.

When we give the gift of our attention to others, we hold space for them and help them to heal. A smile, a chat, and a hug are powerful ways to pass high vibes. And when others receive the healing energy, they can pass it on to the next person, and so on.

We can all be like radio towers, sending out our divine spark to the world like beacons of light, as we share it one by one. © Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019