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Be a 'Humble Bee' -- Message of the Day

The message I received this morning was presented in a humorous way. My spirit guide showed me the image of a bumble bee, and then I heard the words, "Be a humble bee." I had to laugh during the meditation because it was so funny. Our spirit guides have a sense of humor!

What does being a 'humble bee' mean to me? It means living a simple life and being grateful for what I have. It means experiencing humility on a regular basis. When I am in a place of humility, I move my ego out of the way, and I let go of comparison and judgement; there is no comparing my unique path with that of others. When I feel humble, I am filled with a sense of gratitude, love, and a connection to the universe.

I allow myself to be humbled on a daily basis by being awed by the natural beauty that surrounds me. When I look at the incredibly starry night sky here, on the Big Island, I am in awe that I am a part of this universe. When I am in the ocean, I feel a sense of awe knowing that I am swimming in waters that come from thousands of miles away.

These feelings of awe and humility help me to appreciate where I am in my life.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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