Awareness -- Message of the Day

In this morning's meditation, I asked my spirit guide for a message and heard the word 'Awareness'. Upon closer inquiry, I understood that the message was about awareness being a catalyst for change in our life.

The first step toward awareness is feeling trapped and confined in our current way of living. We start to get edgy, feeling out-of-sorts, as if we have outgrown our environment. This happens when we are ready to expand and shift into a higher vibration.

Once we able to identify what aspect of our life is causing us to feel ill-at-ease, we have taken the next step toward expanding our consciousness. Often, at this stage, we see an external influence, such as a person or situation, as being the cause of our distress. This is normal and a way of identifying what it is that we need to let go of in our life. Later on, in the process of shifting consciousness, we can focus on what our role was in creating the limiting situation that we want to get away from.

Having removed ourselves from the unsupportive environment, we can move into introspection to find out what it is that we DO want to have in our life. Through meditation and self-inquiry, we can tap into our passions and re-connect with our, sometimes long-buried, intuitive insights.

In this way, we become 'aware' of what we do and don't want to have in our life, enabling us to go through change with trust and confidence. This helps us to be more aligned with our inner truth and lead a more authentic life.

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019