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Article: Attracting More Love Into Your Life

February is the month of Love, and it's a reminder to us to bring more of that good stuff into our life.  I used to dread Valentine's Day back when I was single. Everywhere I looked, there were images of hearts and happy couples, which made me think I was definitely missing out on the fun.  I was single for almost five years as a mature woman. During that period of my life, after my second divorce, I spent a great deal of time on self-reflection. I went to all kinds of talks, workshops, and courses to help me grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. My studies helped me to understand that our thoughts are energy. What we think is actually projected out into the universe, and then, the universe sends us more of that! I came to realize that feeling sorry for myself because I was alone and thinking that I needed someone to complete me was actually projecting an energy of lack out into the universe. This was keeping me from being in a healthy, loving relationship. I became aware that I needed to feel whole on my own, without thinking that something was missing in my life. So, after writing down all the attributes I wanted in a partner, I looked at the list closely and understood that I was the one who had to fulfill those attributes before I could expect anyone else to bring them into my life. For example, if I wanted a kind and conscientious partner, I needed to become kinder and more conscientious myself. If I wanted a healthy partner, I had to work on becoming healthier myself. If I wanted a spiritual partner, I needed to dive into the spiritual path on a deeper level.  There is a lot of truth in the popular saying, "Your vibe attracts your tribe." Once I was aware of that, I charged full-force into loving myself and becoming the kind of person I had so been wishing for. I was kind, compassionate, and patient with myself, something I had never been before. I treated myself just like I would treat a best friend, thinking loving and encouraging thoughts. In time, I started attracting people into my life who shared my way of thinking. Those who wanted to keep me in my old mindset no longer wanted to be around me. I felt like my tribe loved and supported me, and this helped me to grow even more into the best version of myself.  Then, one day, when I wasn't even looking for it, true love crossed my path. I felt a strong heart connection and recognized quickly that the universe was responding to my thoughts and intentions. Here was a man who reflected back to me all the attributes of self-love that I had been growing inside of myself. Happy fourth Valentine's Day to my soulmate, Skip, and me! :)

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019

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