Antennas -- Message of the Day

In my meditation this morning, my spirit guide showed me the image of an insect, and I heard the word, 'Antennas'. I understand the message to mean that just as an insect uses its antennas to sense what is around it, we each have our own antennas to tap into our intuitive energy for guidance.

Our antennas are our sense of extra-sensory perception, as we tune in to our intuition. When we are energetically sensitive, we can feel, see, and hear messages coming from out spirit guides. We can hear what our inner voice is urging us to do.

Anyone can, and everyone does, receive intuitive messages, but we often ignore the guidance we receive, casting it off as unworthy of our attention. Many of us are much more inclined to listen to friends, family, community, and basically anyone except ourselves. That's because of cultural conditioning. In our society, we are raised to look outside of ourselves for guidance.

While it's good to talk to people and read books when we need direction, it's important to know that we, ourselves, hold the answers to our questions. My motto is, 'Take the best, and leave the rest', meaning that I'll listen to and read others' suggestions, but I will only internalize it if I feel good about that advice.

We can all develop and strengthen our intuitive abilities. We just need to work those muscles, like we are trying a new workout routine, or learning a new musical instrument.

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© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019