In my meditation, I saw a trumpet blowing, and I heard the word, "Announcement". I understand this message to mean to pay attention to the daily 'announcements' coming in to our intuition.

In my monthly Intuitive Development class the other day, I talked about the guidance that we can draw on from our spirit guides and how we can be open to receiving the subtle messages that escape us otherwise, when we are in our 'monkey mind'.

In order to open our receptors, we need to let go of controlling how the messages come to us. We can ask for a message and then get our mind out of the way and not try to force anything. It's helpful to get into a meditative state, focus on our breathing, and wait.

When we are in a meditative state, it's easier to connect to our spirit guides. We are not in our head and are open to inspiration. When we do get a message, in the beginning, it may be one word or maybe a picture or a feeling. Sit with it, and ask your spirit guide for more details to help you understand better.

In time, we can open up a clear communication channel with our spirit guides, asking for guidance and support. Great questions to ask are, "What do I need to know now? What would most support my highest good right now?"

© Erika Marie Rose and Good Vibes, 2019