A Helping Hand

The other day, I was feeling overwhelmed with all of my duties and responsibilities while working toward manifesting my intentions. So, I decided to do a chant honoring Ganesh, the Hindu Elephant God. Ganesh is well-known for clearing obstacles out of the way ahead. After chanting for a while, I was amazed at how much better I felt knowing that the universe supported me in realizing my highest good.

When we get overwhelmed by all the busyness going on in our life, it's a wonderful feeling to know that we don't have to face our fears and worries alone. It's helpful to remember that we can reach out and reconnect with a Higher Power, whether that be Ganesh, God/Goddess, the Universe, or Source, and ask for help. We don't have to go it alone.

Funny how we often forget that help is just a call/prayer away. Maybe that's due to our cultural conditioning that has us thinking we have to solve all our problems on our own. Our individualistic culture worships people who can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Our worried minds can have us in an endless loop of fear and despair that just keeps going round and round in our heads. But, when we remember our connection to our divinity, we can ask for support and know that we will be helped, often in ways that we never dreamed possible!

It's amazing how light we can feel after sharing our burden.

© Erika Marie McClane, 2021