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Samhain Card Spread.png

New Year's Reiki Card Reading

Find out what to pay attention to in the upcoming year. The spread covers the following topics: 

  1. Last year’s major lesson - What was the biggest thing I had to learn?

  2. Last year’s biggest achievement - What did I do really well? What is something I should be very proud of?

  3. What you let go of last year - What habits, thoughts, assumptions were left behind?

  4. What to expect this year - What should I know about this coming year? What should I prepare for?

  5. This year’s biggest challenge - What will be the biggest obstacle I will have to face this coming year? What must I overcome?

  6. This year’s theme - What will this year’s focus be on?

  7. Advice for this year - What should I take heed of for this year’s challenges? How should I handle them?

  8. Transition - What will this transition be like? How will I handle it? Will it be smooth or a struggle?

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