Reiki charged crystals from Good Vibes Hawaii.

Reiki Charged Crystals

The Cleansing & Charging Process

These chakra crystals are cleared, charged, and programmed with Reiki energy to intensify their healing characteristics.

Before the crystals are charged with Reiki energy, they are cleansed and purified in the lava tide pools of the pristine ocean waters off the southeast coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. A Reiki healing ceremony is performed to program the crystals to strengthen and magnify the characteristics of the various chakras that they correspond to. For example, rose quartz crystals, which strengthen the heart chakra, are infused with loving vibrations, as well as tenderness and passion. 

After the Reiki ceremony, the crystals are infused with the healing sound vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls in a session focusing on strengthening specific characteristics.

Place the crystals on your chakras during meditation, under your pillow at night, or carry them with you in a pouch. Crystal energization can be customized to suit individual personal wishes. 

Good Vibes Offers Reiki Charged and Cleansed Crystals from Hawaii

Charging and cleansing reiki crystals in ocean water from Hawaii.